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For this week's edition of 'Explain The Fit, we decided to take a look at some of the hottest products of the year. This week's edition will feature brands such as Supreme, Off-White, and Yeezy.

Here at Oakshop, we value consistency and balance in an outfit. You could be rocking the newest pair of Jordan's, but if your clothes are not up to par, you might as well change your whole concept. With that being said, let's take a look at a couple of outfits


Outfit 1: Brought to you by @kerrythach


Let's start with the Supreme Grey Box Logo hoodie. This is an iconic piece in the brand's collection. The hoodie could be worn with a pair of jeans, shorts, joggers, and even a pair of cargo pants (risky, but rewarding).

On the other hand, the grey, cotton material matches perfectly with the red box logo. Supreme's branding is subtle, but yet effective.

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Virgil Abloh is a visionary. With that being said, when he collaborated with Nike, greatness was created in the sneaker market. The gentleman in the photo is wearing a pair of Off-White Chicago AJ1, one of Virgil's most iconic collaborations. The black, white and Varsity-Red blends in perfectly with the materials of the Jordan 1. The sneaker features Off-White branding, such as an over-sized Nike logo, "SHOELACE" written on the laces and "AIR" written on the midsole. Also, the color of the stitching was changed on the Nike swoosh.

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This outfit makes a statement. The bogo and the AJ1's red details attract the eye of anyone walking by. Not to mention, the gentlemen in the photo made the right decision by choosing to wear a pair of black jeans. The black jeans are a quiet touch for the overall look of the fit, and the pants did not take away from the main focus of the outfit.



Outfit 2: Brought to you by @danieldarko_ 

Supreme really went all out with their CDG box logo collaboration. The traditional box logo branding was split in two, offset on the front of the t-shirt, and reversed to add a quirky touch. This was a risky move from the fashion giant, but it paid off in the end. We wouldn't recommend you put a zip-up hoodie or any sort of jacket on top of this piece. The CDG collab should be worn by itself, no distractions are preferable when flashing this masterpiece.

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The Yeezy 700 Wave Runner was a great addition to this outfit, as it added flavor and energy to the overall concept of this outfit.

Kanye re-created the "dad-shoe" with this drop. The sneaker features boost technology in the clunky mid-sole, neon green laces and an upper with grey/black suede overlays. It also features premium leather, with blue mesh underlays.

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The most effective touch to this outfit is the Supreme shoulder bag. If this wasn't included in the concept of fit, there would be a missing piece to the puzzle.

On the other hand, the shoulder bag is an extremely popular piece amongst the streetwear community. This piece fits with most outfits, and it comes in many other colorways.

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To conclude, the gentleman's main focus of the outfit was the 700's. They contrasted the dark tone and added expression to the look. Also, he didn't compromise the rest of his fit for his sneakers. He added a unique piece with the CDG box logo and an effective detail with the Supreme shoulder bag.


Anthony Paul D'aliesio

Not For Radio Podcast

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